Two weeks were spent in Hazar in Turkmenistan in January of 2018, giving training to oil field operatives in Pump and Compressor Technology. Hazar is an early centre of the oil industry, on the East bank of the Caspian Sea. It is dry desert country, extremely cold and almost as far below ocean level as the Dead Sea in Israel. Splendid people, however.


The person on my left, in this picture of one of my classes, is my translator from English to Russian as my Russian is only of the essential “Good morning, where is the toilet please?” variety. A brilliant young man with a degree in Oil Field Engineering, which he earned at a Chinese university. He can speak Russian, English, Turkmen and Mandarin.


Beware of Camels crossing the Road


A Monument to the Establishment of the Oil Industry in Hazar, Turkmenistan. The Nobel family of Dynamite fame were involved when this was part of Tsarist Russia.

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