Bradley C&E can assist the client with tailored specifications for plant systems such as coal milling plant, compressor plant, thermal insulation, draft plant, pipework, steam generation systems etc. Alternatively, review and modification of existing specifications may be undertaken.

We have expertise in specification writing in these areas: Reliability, Maintenance, Benchmarking and Power Generation.

Specifications are required for, inter alia

  • Power Utility Boilers
  • Process Steam Boilers
  • Draught Plant
  • Separation Plant (precipitators, blowers and bag filters)
  • Coal Milling Plant
  • Ash Handling Plant
  • Coal Handling Plant
  • Thermal Insulation Systems
  • Feed Pump Installations
  • Compressor Plant

Plant Operations and Maintenance

Specifications are also required in these areas and the truth is that these are often neglected. Bradley C&E can assist here as well.


Consulting services in the general field of Power Generation are also offered.